Investing in Wireless Infrastructure Benefits Customers, Investors

According to RCR Wireless News, communications service providers are focusing on improving their wireless infrastructure to deliver in-demand services. By the end of 2012, several major carriers, including Deutsche Telekom and Verizon Wireless, had announced wireless infrastructure investments. In addition, private equity firms, such as Spectrum Equity, led by founder and managing partner Brion Applegate, have a strong commitment to fueling continued growth in the mobile telecommunications industry by investing in wireless infrastructure.

Today, more consumers are buying smartphones, which provide value-added services such as Internet access and global positioning system (GPS) capabilities. To deliver these and other advanced services, infrastructure investment is an imperative. Investments in fourth-generation or “4G” wireless infrastructure offer obvious benefits to consumers of mobile services, but can also drive significant U.S. job creation.

As a result, growth stage investment experts such as Brion Applegate are devoting more attention to wireless infrastructure investments. For Spectrum Equity, this approach leverages its industry experience with mobile service providers, such as Cellular One, American Cellular, PriCellular, Illuminet, and Apex Site Managment and reflects its strategic emphasis on the high-growth information economy.

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